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Frequently asked questions

A business plan is important for your success as a business owner. In order to anticipate and manage the many moving pieces of your business, it is important that you plan for successful. Notable funders and investors typically require a highly professional and thorough business plan before funding a business.

Absolutely! If you are a new business owner, you can save a lot of time and money by organizing your business ideas into a workable plan. It’s also formatted to make it easy for you to follow. If you can answer a series of simple questions, you can build a highly professional business plan with businessplanking.com.

Getting your business funded is determined by your chosen funding partners. However, funding institutions tend to respond best to business plans that are well thought out, professionally formatted, and easy to follow, which are all features of our business plans.

Business plans typically take several months to complete. It takes time to research all of the facts and figures of your business. Business Plan King helps you greatly reduce the time it takes to complete a business plan by guiding you through each stage of a professional plan using simple questions about your business or by starting you off with a pre-made sample plan you can easily make your own.

Our premium business plan comes with a with up to 50 pages of highly customized and professional planning written by a highly experienced business professional. Our customized business plan cuts through the noise and helps you business stand out to funders, investors, and stakeholders.